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parents struggling to find baby formula due families stock pilling due to the COVID-19


Contact Supermarket Costumer Servcies or Ask at the Supermarker Costumer Service Desk and they will provide you what stores have Infant Formula on the selfes. 

Tescos: 0800505555

Sainsbury's: 0800636262

Aldi: 08000420800

Lidl: 08009777766

Asda: 08009520101

Why water is dangerous: the dangers of diluting formula milk

Understanding why you should never dilute your baby’s formula milk with water

Never dilute your baby’s formula milk

We look at why it is strongly advised to never dilute your baby’s formula

It may be hard to believe that water can be dangerous for your baby but it’s important to know that babies should not drink water before the age of six months.

Why is water dangerous for young babies?

Water doesn’t have any nutritional value and babies get everything they need from breast milk or formula in their early months. Diluting your baby’s breast or formula milk can interfere with their body's ability to absorb the nutrients in breast milk or formula. Occasionally, a baby who drinks too much water can develop a condition known as water intoxication, which can cause seizures. This can occur when too much water dilutes the concentration of sodium in the body, upsetting the electrolyte balance and causing tissues to swell. Therefore, you should never dilute your baby’s breast or formula milk with water. 

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