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 'Infant Sticky Eye' 

Blocked Tear Duct

How to Treat and Prevent an Infant Sticky Eye?

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Normal Presentation

  • It is a common condition in newborns due to a blocked tear duck. 

  • It is common if the babies white's of the eye remain clear of any redness.


First Line of Treatment at home

  • Wash your hands before and after treatment. 

  • Clean your baby’s eyes regularly with cooled boiled  water and cotton wool. 

  • Use a separate cotton wool ball each time you wipe  the eye, wiping from the corner by the nose outwards. 

  • If the cause is a blocked tear duct, it may help if you  massage the tear duct every few hours using gentle  pressure on the outside of the nose, near the corner  of the eye. 


When to seek medical advice

  • If the sticky eye does not improve with the simple measures advised above within a week.

  • if the white's of the eyes become red or become swollen.

  • If your baby is younger then 4 months


Please book a review with the Local Health Visitor GP. This could be a signed of infection Conjuntivitious.

If the baby's tear duct is till blocked by 12 months of age, see the Local GP who may refer to a Pediatric Eye Specialist

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